Pregnant Women Should Feel Empowered

Today is the day you should feel empowered to make a decision that will work best for you.

At Heart, to Heart, we strive to support and empower pregnant women in decision-making.

You have choices. We’re here to support those choices.

We are also here to support couples choosing to adopt. We want every potential parent to understand their responsibility to the woman who gave birth to a baby.

  • Possible Options

As a birth mother, you will be able to explore opportunities available to you. Then we will connect you with the resources needed for your next step.

  • Family Selection

If you are considering adoption, you will be allowed to screen potential adoptive parents.

It would be best to decide what is important to you about the family who will raise your child. Let us know those things, and we will find families who meet your qualifications. We will allow you to look at those profiles. These autobiographical photo books will help you understand their relationship with one another, their immediate family, extended family, where they live, the type of neighborhood they live in,  and more.

We have many families who have prepared a profile explaining more about themselves. Some of our waiting families can be found here. We would be

  • Meeting

After reviewing as many profiles as you feel is necessary, you can request to meet these families. Usually, this starts with a phone call or an online meeting.

Sometimes families go out for a meal together.

This allows both potential adoptive parents and expectant parents to decide if their families are a good fit. This is important because adoption is a life-long commitment.

  • Openness Planning

You will spend some time (potentially with a counselor’s guidance) in developing a birth plan. This plan will include:

–Where will the birth take place?

–Who will be with you during the birth?

–Will the baby stay in the room with the birth mother?

Whatever you decide, know that a counselor or case manager will be at the hospital to support everyone.

This support includes ensuring that you are getting adequate medical support and that the hospital allows those individuals you want to have time to bond with the baby.

If and when you decide to sign Consent to Adopt and Certificate of Irrevocability—the legal documents relinquishing parental rights, we will ensure that this is done correctly and in the manner, each state has established.

  • Long-term expectations

Open adoption is designed to be child-centered. This means that birth parents and adoptive parents are committed to working together to create a healthy and loving environment for the child. The child will more easily piece his identity together.

Adoptive parents and birth parents will learn to validate the roles each holds in the adoptive child’s life. Both sets of parents will cope with their grief in a manner that still enables them to build a partnership to meet the ongoing requirements of the child.