Making Sure Adoptive Parents Are Vetted

Finding the Perfect Adoptive Family

Embarking on the journey of finding the right adoptive family for your child can give you confidence in your decision to place your baby. Our matching expert, Darla at Heart to Heart Adoptions, simplifies the process into three straightforward steps, ensuring a smooth and informed decision-making process.

Step 1: Defining Your Ideal Adoptive Family

Begin your adoption journey by visualizing the type of family you envision for your baby. Darla or other staff members can offer guidance, whether you have precise preferences or are uncertain:

  • Guided Preference Definition: We can help clarify your priorities, covering factors such as:

    • Sibling relationships.

    • Physical resemblance.

    • Upbringing environment.

    • Educational opportunities

    • Spiritual or religious preferences

    • Any other preferences

Step 2: Exploring Adoptive Family Profiles

After understanding your preferences, you will be presented with profiles that meet your wishes.

Step 3: Opportunities to Meet Families

Once you’ve picked a family or a few families, you can decide if you want to talk to them on the phone. Darla, or another Heart to Heart member, will help with this guided call. Talking with them can help you determine which family is right for you. This can also be the beginning of a relationship that could stay with you forever.

At this point, the way you stay in touch is totally your choice. You can decide to build your relationship through calls, emails, texts, or whatever way you like best.

With Heart to Heart Adoptions, your journey to find the right adoptive family receives unwavering support from our devoted team, abundant resources, and commitment to your child’s well-being. A future imbued with love and opportunity awaits your baby.

About Our Waiting Families

Heart to Heart Adoptions is very careful about the families who want to adopt. We make sure your baby’s safety and well-being are a top priority:

  • Home Study: Families have a home study, where experts check if they’re ready to take care of a child. Safety checks and background assessments add more protection. The home study includes:

    • History and References: We review their past and talk to people who know them to see their suitability.

    • Money Matters: We check if they can financially afford to care for a child’s needs.

    • Health Check: We make sure they’re physically and mentally healthy to create a safe and supportive home.

    • Past Behavior: We verify if they’ve ever been in trouble for hurting a child.

    • Clearance Card: Everyone in their house needs to show a card that says they’re safe to be around kids.

    • High Standards: Our standards are even higher than expected. We look at their backgrounds, values, and abilities to be good parents. We also check:

      • Their Commitment to Adoption: We make sure families are really committed to adoption and ready to become parents.

      • Willingness to Staying in Touch: We want families willing to follow the birth mother’s lead in openness. If you want to create a lasting connection and shared experiences, you can choose families who also have a desire to connect with you.

Our Matching Process

“They are just perfect.”

“I can’t believe we found them.”

“I never thought I would feel so close to another person in such a short amount of time.”

These heartfelt comments are often shared by birth families and adoptive families, embracing one another as they prepare to share their love for a child. At Heart to Heart Adoptions, we want you to find a family with whom you can foster this special bond.

Our Collaborative Approach to Choosing Families

We believe in teamwork when it comes to selecting the right adoptive family. This empowers you to make well-informed decisions about your child’s future. Here’s how we partner together:

Your Voice Matters: We highly value your input on how you envision your child’s upbringing and the opportunities you wish for them.

Establishing Lasting Relationships: Sharing your preferences helps create enduring connections within the adoption community.

Seeking the Perfect Match: The more details you provide, the better equipped we are to find a family that aligns with your hopes, ensuring the best outcome for your child.

Respecting Your Choices: By revealing your desires, you allow us to honor your decisions and locate adoptive parents who will honor your wishes.

Guiding You to the Right Decision for Your Baby

If you’re considering adoption for your baby, your ultimate goal is to provide them with a life full of love and opportunities. Here’s how we support you throughout this journey:

Connecting with Loving Families: Our resources and expertise in adoption enable us to connect you with individuals who are eager and ready to adopt.

Empowerment in Choosing: You have the authority to select from a pool of families who are enthusiastic about adoption.

Embracing Openness: You have the choice to establish a relationship, either open or semi-open, with the chosen adoptive family.

At Heart to Heart Adoptions, our commitment is to assist you in creating a future filled with love, happiness, and opportunities for your child.