The Right Family: Birth Mothers, We’ll Support You

“No birth mother would pick me.” said one woman as she discussed her desire to adopt. “I’m a single mom with a teenage daughter.”

She had a point. Many birth mothers focus on giving their children a traditional family. However, there are so many unique circumstances with birth mothers and adoptive families. One caseworker encouraged the woman to follow her heart and complete a home study. What did she have to lose?

There is the old adage, “There’s a lid for every pot.” This suggests that whatever you are like, whatever your perceived shortcomings, there is someone made for you.

We can’t and don’t promise a match for every potential family. We can say, however, that our single mother completed her home study in late October. In November, she was contacted about an expectant mother who was considering adoption i. The two families spent Christmas together and the baby was born at the end of January.

The single mom and the birth mother have a unique bond. They both love the same son.

Projected Timetable for Adoption

Recently someone sent us a message asking what a reasonable timeline on adoption was.

We had no answer.

Times have changed so rapidly in 2020. We can’t even guess. The situation for some adoptive families has changed. We are comforting them as they realize right now is not the perfect time for them to adopt. Birth mothers are finding this time of Covid-19 especially challenging. We don’t want expectant mothers to feel overwhelmed right now and make a decision they will regret once this pandemic has passed.

Birth Mothers, We Hear You

We recognized the unique challenges presented to you right now. At the best of times, giving birth is full of unknowns. With this global pandemic, there are even more unknowns. We love you. We will support you.

We want you to know that we will present you with a multitude of options for your baby. This may include couples without children, couples with children, and single parents.  These families are in numerous locations.

Prospective Families

We want prospective families to know that you must be prepared for a variety of situations. Some birth mothers will want close contact with their children and would enjoy being invited to family events. Other birth mothers will only want updates.