Teen Pregnancy: Abortion Alternatives

Teen Pregnancy - Utah Adoption HelpThe first thought that goes through a woman’s mind when she may be pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy is panic and anxiety. There are a number of options for teens facing this upward battle and Heart to Heart Adoption offers valuable advice.

  1. First, confirm the pregnancy. A number of clinics offer free pregnancy tests. There is no sense in a teen panicking over something that may not even be a reality.
  2. Second, if a woman is indeed pregnant, often women wonder if the pregnancy actually constitutes a baby. Science has shown that, even as young as two months, fetuses look like tiny, miniature human beings. While their skin may be transparent, they have developed fingers and toes, including delicate arteries and veins.
  3. Third, consider that there are billions of parents in the world, so this is a natural process. If a teen is in a position where she cannot support a child, adoption may be a natural alternative. (more…)

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