20-Percent of Teen Births are Repeats

Teen Pregnancy - Utah Adoption AgencyStatistics show that in the U.S., teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 who give birth, nearly 20-percent are not first time parents. The state with the highest rate of repeat teen births is Texas at 22-percent, though reports do show that more teen moms are beginning to use birth control. For example, New Hampshire’s repeat pregnancy rate is only 10-percent.

The highest repeat teen births were American Indian and Alaska natives at 21.6-percent, Hispanics at 20.9-percent and African Americans at 20.4-percent. The lowest percentage was among Caucasians at 14.8-percent.

The states with the highest rates, averaging 20-percent, included Arizona, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Nevada. The states with lower rates, less than 15-percent, included Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Vermont and Wyoming. (more…)

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