What Are Birth Moms Like? Birth Moms Can You Answer?

What are birth mothers like?

Birth mothers, what are you like?

There is absolutely no way to answer those two questions.

Birth mothers are some of the most diverse humans on the planet.

Certainly, there are two things birthmothers all seem to have in common. They have the strength to do something very difficult, and they want what is best for their child.

After that, there are few similarities. Right now, at Heart to Heart, we are helping a variety of women design a parenting plan which will bring them a degree of comfort.

We have worked with girls as young as 13 and women nearing 40.

We have worked with women who want to meet the adoptive family multiple times before placing the child.

We have worked with women who give us criteria and then want us to choose the adoptive family.

We have women who want to stay in our housing for the last five months of their pregnancy.

We have women who want to stay home until their contractions are five minutes apart.

We have women who won’t take an aspirin for fear of causing harm to the unborn child.

We have women who are addicted to illegal drugs and will give birth to addicted children.

We have women who are running from an abusive relationship and don’t know how to safely get the necessary signatures to place the baby.

We have women who come with a caring partner that understands the need to place the baby.

We have women who are struggling with this first pregnancy.

We have women who bring one, two, three, four, and even five other children with them for us to help care for as the birth mother gives birth to another child.

We have women with little or no schooling.

We have women who have advanced degrees.

The reasons for placing their children for adoption are just as varied.

All of them need to be treated with compassion. This is a hard, unique road they are traveling.