Find the JOY

If I stop worrying, if I enjoy the blossoms, am I not fully recognizing the world’s woes?

If I enjoy the breeze, am I not showing empathy to those suffering?

Somehow, I’ve been feeling disloyal to this unfolding tragedy if I appreciate something beautiful. The world feels like a slow-motion horror film. But during the slow down, is there some beauty to see– splendor which we will forever be sorry we didn’t value? During the slowdown, should we gaze longer at the sun sets? Should we love harder? Laugh louder? Hold that baby more gently?

Sometimes we just feel weighted down by everything. The weight ages us. I don’t want to feel angry at the universe. Certainly, the world has been through hard times before. What happens when a world that was steady and solid feels like it’s made of vapor and will dissolve? While living in this fog of vapor should we not grab moments of joy.

A few suggestions:

Let the tears come when you are sad.

Let the tears flow when you are happy.

Then do something to lower your blood pressure, so you haven’t aged too much when this is over.

Stressful situations are beyond our control and we want control. Focusing on what can be controlled will decrease feelings of anxiety.

Recognize that enjoying the positive will raise your immune system. So, for our own good and the good of those around us, enjoy the blossoms.

Breath deep into the spring breeze.